Booking Your Appointment:

ONLY BY APPOINTMENT: Monday - Saturday From 9AM to 3PM To set up your consultation or your tattoo date appointment, fill up the form below or Contact Us if you have any questions. After setting up the date for your tattoo, the next step is the deposit. Make your deposit to secure your appointment if you haven't done yet in person. (Deposit made via the website are secured and protected payment by Paypal). Please read: Deposit Policy/Terms of sale -------------------------------------------- Tattoo Appointment Deposit (Machine Technique):
***The deposit made for the Tattoo Appointment is to secure your date of your appointment and it will go toward your tattoo cost.*** ------------------------------------------------------------ Tapping Tool Deposit (Traditional Tatau Tool):
***The deposit made for the Tapping tool is the payment to built your own traditional tool, you will keep and take with you after the session: Click for more details*** Deposit Policy/Terms of sale