Traditional Tatau

How it's made:

Each tool is 100% hand made specifically for each person who get the traditional technique.The process of building a custom tool can take hours from the beginning to the finish product. First of all, I only use natural and rough materials: wood stick, coconut shell, pig tusk, and natural string, and not using any modern material to keep the traditional way the Polynesian artists used to do thousands years ago. After finishing the most delicate process of carving and sharpening the teeth (pig tusk), its time to cut and shape the coconut shell to about the size of the finish sharpened teeth, it will be use as a connector and extension. The next step is to remove the outer skin (bark) and any sharp edges and splinters, clean and making nice and smooth surface all around the stick. Now I to connect all the elements together with the natural string or cord. The teeth are connected to the coconut shell then to the edge of the wood stick. I make sure that during the whole process I don't break or drop the teeth and also checking all the elements connected are secure and does not move. The tool is almost done. I only use medical grade disinfection product to clean then let it dry. This tool will be use only and given for the person who's getting the tattoo

One tool for each customer:

Like I said each tool is made only for you, used only on you and you get to take with you when finished. Doing that technique, I use and need another person to help me for stretching the skin. 

Traditional Tatau Tool