Website Terms of Sale

Legal notes: General sales terms applicable as of September 12th. 2017. These terms supersede any previous sales terms. PREAMBLE: The present sales terms apply to any sale realized on this website between HeimatauraPolynesianDesinsLLC (see legal notes) and the person or entity wishing to make the purchase, hereafter referred to as the buyer. By confirming their order, the buyer accepts unreservedly both the terms applicable to the particular sale together with the present sales terms in their entirety, and further declares to be fit and legally competent to enter into a sales contract with HeimatauraPolynesianDesignLLC. 1- OBJECT The present sales terms define the contractual relationship between HeimatauraPolynesianDesignLLC and the buyer, together with the conditions applicable to any sale made via website. These sales terms take precedence over any other general or specific conditions not explicitly agreed to by HeimatauraPolynesianDesignLLC. HeimatauraPolynesianDesignLLC reserves the right to change these sales terms at any moment without prior notice: the sales terms applicable are those in effect at the date of the buyer's order. 2- CHARACTERISTICS OF THE GOODS AND SERVICES OFFERED The goods and/or services offered for sale are those presented on website, accompanied by a detailed description. These goods and services are available while displayed on this website. If a product or service is no longer available after an order is placed, HeimatauraPolynesianDesignLLC will inform the buyer by e-mail; the order will be automatically canceled and refunded. 3- PRICES HeimatauraPolynesianTattoo reserves the right to alter the prices of goods or services displayed at any moment; the goods and services will be billed according to the prices in effect when the order is confirmed. ALL GOODS AND SERVICES REMAIN THE EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY OF THE SELLER UNTIL COMPLETE PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. 4- ORDERS The buyer wishing to purchase gift card or deposit via this website is required to follow the online ordering processes. These include providing personal identification details, a verification and confirmation of the selected goods and services, payment according to the prevailing conditions, and a confirmation of the order and payment. Order confirmation requires acceptance of these present sales terms, that they be acknowledged as being fully understood and that they not be modified in any way nor any additional conditions be adjoined. All information provided by the buyer, together with the order confirmation, are taken as proof of the transaction. HeimatauraPolynesianDesignLLC will forward the buyer an order confirmation by e-mail representing their acceptance of the order. 5- PAYMENT Payment is required during the order process. Online payments are conducted using a secured connection in order to protect the information provided during payment from third parties. 6- DELIVERY All orders are send electronically to the email address provided during the order process. ONCE THE EMAIL HAS SENT ALL RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH THE EMAIL ADDRESS PROVIDED ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER. Any complaint relating to your order please contact HeimatauraPolynesianDesignLLC. 7- DEPOSIT POLICY Deposit is an agreement and commitment of using professional services and times of any tattoo artists and employee at Heimataura Polynesian Tattoo. Deposit will be held to secure and save a date and time with any artists. The client reserves the right to reschedule their tattoo appointment at least 7 days delay from the date of their confirmed date appointment. Any deposit will not be refund due to any cancellations. In any other circumstance not respecting this policy or a no-show, deposit will not be refund. HeimatauraPolynesianDesignLLC cannot be held responsible for an inability to meet the conditions of the sales contract resulting from any event outside of their control. 8- RESPONSIBILITY HeimatauraPolynesianDesignLLC, during the process of the online sale, is only responsible for the sales process. HeimatauraPolynesianTattoo cannot be held liable for damages resulting from the usage made of the internet (or other network) used to effect the sale, such as data loss, hacking, virus infection, service disruption or other problems outside its control, including any unforeseen event such as natural disasters, fire, flooding, war, riots etc. Images accompanying articles online are provided for illustrative purposes only and differences may exist with articles received, notably in terms of color. If in doubt, or for any further clarification, contact HeimatauraPolynesianDesignLLC. 9- NOMINATIVE INFORMATION Nominative information is required for the purposes of ordering and for the establishment of the commercial and contractual relationship. Nominative information provided by buyers to HeimatauraPolynesianDesignLLC may be processed and stocked digitally. Persons providing this information retain the right to access and correct any information concerning them, in accordance with the applicable legislation. 10- INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY All elements of this website are and will remain the exclusive intellectual property of HeimatauraPolynesianDesignLLC Third parties may only use them for their own, private use. Any reproduction, in whole or in part, of any element or part of this website is expressly forbidden. Terms of sale