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  • Paul Santana
  • On 25/12/2015

He is amazing and truly gifted. I love his work; the environment is comforting, calm, and relaxing. I will be coming back to finish my sleeve. He is talented in what he does it is unique and inspiring. Thank you so much!

  • Jeff Henry
  • On 24/07/2015


Sent you an email to the one you provided. Sorry it has taken so long for a response.

  • Jordan Howard
  • On 02/02/2015

Hi Arauna. I currently have a small wrist tattoo that says "sourie plus" it's extremely faded and I was wondering if you'd be able to do anything with it.

  • polynesiantattoo (link)
  • On 29/12/2014

Hi Jeff, yes of course I could help you. Could you send me your actual tattoo picture on my email: so then I can set up your appointment. Thank you!


  • Jeff Henry
  • On 12/12/2014

I have a tribal arm band over my right bicep with a tribal sun on my deltoid. Would like to turn this into a chest piece/half sleeve. Cant wait to hopefully see you late February! Cheers!

  • Travis Walker
  • On 24/02/2014

Words cannot describe the type of professionalism, skill, and attention to detail not only in your work but throughout the entire journey. from the first meeting to every little detailed question you ask gives the tattoo true meaning on a level no other artist can compare, Every drop of ink, every line and every ounce of passion you put into your work is remarkable. you make it more than just a tattoo, you give it life, a meaning, a purpose and it is unlike any other experience. thank you for putting my life in your ink. I look forword to our next journey my friend!! thank you so much!!

  • Andrew E
  • On 08/05/2013

Hi Arauna,

I have been looking into getting a Polynesian calf tattoo since quite some time now, but I'm not willing to go forward with it until I talk with someone whose knowledgeable with the art. I am from Canada and not sure that I can make the trip to AZ to get the tattoo done, but would love to be able to talk with you, give you some information about myself .. and have you come up with a sketch for me? I'm not sure if this is anything you do, and I'm okay with paying you for your time .. if you could drop me a line, and let me know how you feel about this it would be greatly appreciated.


  • keith ferguson
  • On 27/03/2013

Arauna i just wanted to thank you for the best experience on my first tattoo, the day we met i felt very comfotable and after we discussed what i wanted and told you the history of my family i could tell you had my tat all figured out .Your attention to detail and making my tat a masterpiece,is second to none .I do not go a day without someone commenting on how the lines and detail are the best they have ever seen .I am very proud of it and you brought it all to life , i am very honored to have you as part of my ohana and cant wait to do more work in the near future. thanks again , keith

  • Thomas Femia
  • On 25/02/2013

Hi Arauna,
I wanted to drop you a note and let you know made it back home and I love my new tattoo more everyday. I have received tattoos all over the world and I have to say that getting one by you is one of my greatest experience and would like to thank you for thank you for that. After being in a lot of shops and seen a lot of attitude from tattooist (I won’t call them artist) who don’t have an ounce of knowledge or skill that you do, you and Ryan made me feel at home which added to the experience. Your creativity, knowledge and passion of Polynesian art and culture puts you at the top of what you do. It was an honor to be tattooed by you with the traditional tap method. I told you this would be my last tattoo to close the book on my story but after this one, I am planning my next one from you. I hope we keep in touch until then. I wish you and your family the best.
Thank you,

  • Jon Schilling
  • On 04/09/2011

I am in the beginging stages of a 3/4 sleeve of polynesian inspired tattoo. I have a band of tattoo wrapped around my left forearm and I want to continue with my journey of my life with more tattoo's. I would really like to meet with you so you can come up with a design to keep moving along with my tattoo.

  • Heimataura Polynesian Tattoo
  • On 04/09/2011

Jon Schilling, send me your contact informations on my email address: or call me 520-414-3984. Thank you.

  • Josh & Brooke
  • On 29/05/2011

Thank you so much for creating such amazing works of art that are both beautiful and meaningful. We still can't believe these were done free-hand. A true artist and master of the tattoo.

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